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Wine tasting and other demons

2 days ago a nice guy called. BCR employee. he was asking for a meeting to discuss further details on how I can save money. i so frankly told him: look, I’m not into saving money, if you have a card offer you can totally count me in. otherwise, goodbye and have a nice life, dude!

while hanging up on him, i was thinking at that wonderful wine tasting from last Friday night. the beautiful wines that were waiting to be ASAP bought. Carmenere a delightul red wine from France, cultivated in Chile, [it was a Chilean wine tasting treat, btw. ] a wine which has enslaved much of our senses. it is fantastic how after such an evening I could remember the name of the wine. but the best sticks into your mind…i guess (just like advertising).

wine tastings are fab, you get to taste the sexy and expensive drinks for free. if you want to enjoy it for later, however, you’ll need to make a purchasement.

and of course the after mid-night holly „shaorma”.

and the morning after coffees.

and the shopping recovery treats.

and the let’s relax @ a movie.

and the seaside run aways.

and all these all over again.

why would you want to save up money @24? what’s the „after 30” period good for?

  1. ofatacaoricare
    Vineri, mai 20, 2011 la 19:44

    after 30 is also wine tasting and coffee and fun and less shaorma..

  2. Vineri, mai 20, 2011 la 19:46

    talked like a true connaisseur :))
    yeah, but you also save up some money…

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