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What can you do?

I’ve reached that time of my life, when most of the people I know (since like ages) are getting married, having babies and the top of the tops mom is asking that Question.

Life’s getting serious and I’m just laughing. One morning you go to school and the next one you’re at your best friend’s wedding!

  1. Luni, septembrie 13, 2010 la 21:58

    So what? Everybody has its unique life. Have fun and enjoy every minute, taste every feeling, and fight for what you like.

  2. Luni, octombrie 11, 2010 la 20:10

    it’s a bit cheesy what you say, but nevertheless true… 🙂

  3. ofatacaoricare
    Vineri, mai 20, 2011 la 19:52

    oh comon!what should I say than?:))

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