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The repugnant, selfish bitch

Do you reject that repugnant, selfish bitch that seems to have everything just because of her too much gut, though no electric field sparks in her square head? Yeah, I bet you do. I also have a hunch that you’re not alone in this. Just to take out any confusion, I refer to that type of person whose blank and emotionless image triggers in us a handful of rage, anger and frustrations. Ohoo, and yeah, she thinks that wearing on expensive brand clothes will make her gain respect. Right!

Well, the world cannot blame you for not being able to stand her or to be friendly. I mean who can be friends with a Lemon? If I were an Apple I’d rather make friends with a Grapefruit, at least if you take off the peel it’s less bitterish. My point is, Lemons are repugnant, but useful; it makes us healthier, stronger.

The same with the selfish bitch, yeah nobody likes her, however it’s stimulating having her nearby. It helps you sharpen the nails and senses. Your sensibility decreases and gives wings to your sense. It’s always a pain in the ass, but also a life experience to have the opportunity to encounter such a non-enchanting person.

A bunch of gibberish and garbage talk. What if I tell you that I pity such kind of persons? No one likes to spend time with such a creature, no sane one at least. I’m not judgmental, but these persons usually end up alone, with too much pride and ignorance, no friends to comfort them, no true life. I don’t buy the thing that they’re having a great life just because of their amazing holidays, bewildering houses or cars, or a breath taking venue. That’s because I have a great sense of what friends, family and love is … and for sure is not all the above.

This is why I feel pity, because that repugnant, selfish bitch is too oblivious to know how little she has, when idiotically she thinks she has it all.

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