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it was a dream of mine

Marți, septembrie 15, 2009 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

to see the world from up above. to touch the sky, to feel the cosmos breeze, and even luckily to land on a long forgetten star. but than again it was a dream of mine.

how else, can you describe those foolish, childish thoughts?

and now, i still feel childishly enough, to come to think that on a summer dullness day, I will trade Earth for some forgetten star. yet, if the chance arises I’ll gladly sell my house, my car, and kids, to buy a one way ticket to the stars.

out there, both time and space seem infinite. no child cries, no heart beats, no thought can be heard. out there, the only noise that you shall hear, will be the silence’s nevrotic echo.

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