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Kickboxing – a new passion in town

i simply love kickboxing! it’s „woow”. at first you get the idea that it’s just a male thing…but when you attend some classes you come to realise that it’s actually very good for girls also …at least at the World Class sport club, are always only girls and always fully booked. the instructor is the only guy there :)).

the first half an hour is piece of cake, but afterwards until it reaches 1 hour… you’re starting to really count the minutes, as it becomes tougher and tougher. though the afterwards feeling of energy and the zen mood worths any & every minute.

silviu, the instructor seems like a very nice and good-hearthed guy. as he ended the class with a word of advice about respect and the kindness towards the people we meet everyday. i pretty much like it.

now that i’ve started with kickboxing i’m thinking of experiencing some tae-bo lessons. i believe that the latter is the softer, the more feminin version of the former. what do you think?

piece of advice: do not forget to take your aspirin after kickboxing, it will be even more painful…

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