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Last night’s film : Australia

Last night I went to this extraordinary film, named after an exotic and wild land: Australia. 

It was very funny how we bought the tickets. As you know on Wednesday is Orange film…so everyone in particular teens…suddenly become film fans. Anyway, I remembered this only when I saw that long and messy queue. So here we were, 4 persons … while 2 of us waiting in line for those „cheecky tickets”. The movie was scheduled to begin at 9 PM. We got in the line at 8…and then shock: there were only 10, then 7, then 2 tickets left. So all the while we were waiting we felt like wall street brokers, looking at the numbers of seats decreasing and trying to find other „potential investements”.  nowwe were doing the final tunnings,  we will go to see Australia (as there were only 2 tickets left) and the other 2 person will go and see an other film. But just when I had 2 persons left in front of me, the clock turned 8.30 and all the booked seats that weren’t yet claimed were being thrown for sale again. „Aleluia!!” This happening is just like Australia’s film, you have to believe first so that your actions have the end you’ve wished for.

Australia…I had this feeling (I wonder why) that this is a great and powerful branding for Australia’s state. I mean it could have been easily named „The lost generation” , but you see giving it the name Australia makes it more of a national story… The film is wonderful. The landscapes really takes your breath away. And Nicole Kidman is absolutely gorgeous and her character, Ms Boss, is quite impressive.  I’ve never seen  Nicole playing in a comedy… but in this film she had some funny lines and I really enjoyed seeing her. Don’t get me wrong the film is not, by no means,  a comedy but rather a drama about the aboriginal ppl being „whitened” by the big „white turkeys”.  It’s also a story about faith and trust. All spiced with some romantic moments & dangerous situations, though not too classic.

I really don’t know and really don’t care if it got some Oscar nominalizations, but all in one Australia is a must see…

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