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New books

Duminică, februarie 1, 2009 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Bought some new books this weekend, hoping to finish it by next weekend. Of course I won’t. 

–  Comunicarea sociala a emotiilor (Le partage social des emotions) by Bernard Rime. Apparently the book seems to be a psyhological introspection into the field of emotions and how we, the humans, comunicate it. I find this book not interesting but a golden egg to all those seeking to understand the mistery of how a consumer is. Nevertheless to understand ourselves. But hey, I won’t jump at dangerous conclusions before I finish reading the book.

29.9Ron by Frederic Beigbeder. Definitely a lampoon of the advertising industry (not only advertising but everything that relates to it). It’s one of those easy and funny books that keeps you entertained. Actually, it feels like a chat-chat with one of the colleagues that you’ve worked  (now friend) of course in an advertising agency. I’ve started reading it. The translation sucks, because of course I’m reading it in Ro…so some expressions lack the french taste.

Now, now…I’ve got some readings to continue 🙂

  1. Marți, februarie 3, 2009 la 22:59

    29.9 is a great book! I just love Beigbeder and his… point of view! 😀 U must read also „Iarta-ma! Ajuta-ma!”

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