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a campaign i’m found of

Duminică, octombrie 12, 2008 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

It’s the first time i write on my blog something related to my pro life…but this is worthy.

This week we’ve launched a great campaign: Pampers UNICEF. The official event took place at Sofitel, on the 9th of October & Andreea Marin was there to welcome each attendee.

Well, I saw the pictures from Africa for the first time at the event… but even though I worked on this campaign for some months all those pics & the videos where too sad & painfull to watch. It’s unbearable to accept that with all our technology upgrade, there are still ppl living like primitives. In Africa, specially in Central Africa there are moms that have to take care over their babies with less than a dollar per day…picture that when you go to lunch!

I presume most of you think that in Ro there are also ppl starving & living in critical environments with no access to education or proper hygiene. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. This is why, besides the help that you offer for an african child, you can also help kids from Ro…by donating the Pampers packs.

But hey, this is not an advertising article…this is just to remind you that small and simple things can make a difference, sometimes even your little gesture counts a lot.

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  1. Vineri, octombrie 17, 2008 la 15:58

    este foarte bine sa gasesc pe cineva care face astfel de campanii…ajuta foarte mult si le da oamenilor astia o speranta, in special celor din Romania pentru ca suntem legati de ea…
    dar nu crezi ca pentru a preveni astfel de chestii trebuie mai intai sa educam putin populatia ca sa nu se mai ajunga in astfel de situatii?
    nu crezi ca mai intai am face bine sa educam toti colcalarii retardatzi toti manelistii toti acei „small minded people” si sa ii ajutam pe ei ca sa ne ajute pe noi sa ajutam pe altii…
    tu de ce crezi ca sunt atatia oameni care mor de foame…datorita celorlatzi care nu le pasa care fac orice pentru bani si calca peste orcine si orice…
    eu cred ca trebuie sa lucram mai intai la mentalitate si apoi la ajutorarea celor saraci… sau cel putin in paralel

  2. Vineri, octombrie 24, 2008 la 13:24

    sounds like a good cause, it would be nice if everyone could be helped, but kids especially since they have no means to help themselves

  3. Vineri, octombrie 24, 2008 la 17:24

    @jumara mi se pare o super campanie, tocmai pentru ca e destinata ca o actiune in Africa, dar si cu beneficii locale. asta tocmai pentru ca se cunosc problemele din Ro si cu ce se confrunta mamiciile si copilasii lor.
    acum sincer nu se poate ca o singura campanie sa rezolve toate probleme sociale dintr-o tara. prima interventie ar tb sa fie cea guvernamentala.

    @startwall if you’d try to help everyone you’ll end up in helping no one. yes, it’s quite targeted, but this is the best way to be efficient and to obtain real results.

  4. mtcsol
    Miercuri, octombrie 29, 2008 la 14:34

    o campanie de care esti tare mandra desi imaginile le-ai vazut abia la evenimentul de lansare a campaniei … f tare !

  5. Miercuri, octombrie 29, 2008 la 15:44

    @mtcsol well … le-am vazut atunci imaginiile, campania o stiu destul de bine, zic eu 😛

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