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blue is the new green

this week i’ve learnt something very important. blue is the new green. blue because terra is the blue planet. our duty as inhabitants is to maintain it as it is, not because god will punish us…but because our children’s children won’t have the privilege to enjoy „mother earth” (as much as us).

you’ll say & „what if from tomorrow I will start to behave more eco-friendly?! I can’t change earth’s condition”. wrong! it’s not that you’ll change earth in an instant, but it will make you feel better & consequently will make the people around you the firsts to be influenced by what you think & do (underline the „do” part). if you’ll stop throwing paper away, but recycle it then you did a great thing; if you’d stop the water while brushing your teeth or shaving, if you wouldn’t fall asleep while the TV is still turned on, then you’ll be more eco-friendly … and so on.

being eco-friendly is not about making sacrifices but reducing the unnecessary, the useless part, the abundance. yes, is welcomed to plant a tree or to help cleaning/wiping the forests from trash, but if you go home & forget to turn off the light, to close the tap & so on & so on, then you haven’t done any good. it’s not rocket science, everyone can do it … what’s even greater is that it has no added effort, you just have to be more cautious to the small details of your life.

as said blue is the new green. think out of the box & you’ll find plenty of solutions. just keep in mind the fact that man is borned naked, so not all needs are necessary needs.

  1. iarait
    Luni, august 11, 2008 la 18:56

    ya right!
    how eco-friendly are wars ? stop the wars and see how blue becomes the planet.
    or even big trucks with black smog .

  2. Luni, august 11, 2008 la 19:00

    it’s about becoming the Superman.
    it’s about doing what stands in your power to do.

    hate something, change something…like Honda says it so well.

  3. Vineri, august 15, 2008 la 14:47

    i like your realistic green attitude, i think is a first step to believe is possible, then to act in that way.

  4. razvan
    Duminică, septembrie 14, 2008 la 12:42

    yellow is green now and soon brown will be;)

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