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IAA Young Professionals: THE PARTY

hello, hello!!

it’s been a while since my last post…i’ve got the only possible excuse: I work (& live) in advertising.

don’t get me wrong cause this is not a bad thing, by the contrary you get to see your mum more & more rarely (muhahaha). on the other hand you’re going to private parties where you can eat or drink for free 😛 :P.

IAA Young Professionals was one of the parties where you get to drink for free and socialise with people of your age (<26 years)…also for free. i’ve met some of the people i know (to lazy to mention them cause i’ll have to put links), and got introduced to others that i didn’t. it was a pleasent evening…it started boring, but ended up quite engaging and enthusiastic.

i know that some of you have some crazy ideas to change Romania (i know i have :P), if i were you i’d start from changing Romanian advertising from doing little things, small projects that can affect your collegue or yourself. well, i truly belive that Young Pro. team is worth your time and your know-how*.

*disclaimer: if you’re not convinced that you can make a difference and improve something, then I guess you’ll do better not to join Young Pro.

btw, it feels better when you’re part of a group. you are more confident ;).

this being said i wish you all a great evening! 🙂


ps: wish me luck to write an other post later…today

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