IAA School

I’m going to IAA School. Isn’t that cute?! 😛

Some people have asked me what kind of school is that? or why the f***k should i go to it? or why should I pay so much for just 4 months of school?

Well, my dears  I’ve heard that it’s great, that the teachers are good, that there is lot of practice, that you’ll become a better pro. The fact is that I’ve wanted to attend it from last year…but hey, all sorts of reasons stoped me.

What I expect, apart from the things that were underlined in the submission essays, is not to regret the fact that I didn’t go to France with those money (buying a MacBookAir, as suggested by Lucian, is not actually my dream 😛 ). But… yes, of course the main reason is the knowledges that you’ll absorb … 🙂

  1. Marți, iulie 1, 2008 la 12:25

    you won’t regret the decision 😉

  2. Miercuri, iulie 2, 2008 la 15:10

    One Great Holiday Summer Ana !

  3. Duminică, iulie 6, 2008 la 16:46

    Cum e ?

  4. Duminică, iulie 6, 2008 la 22:49

    @danpetre this is one of the best decisions i’ve made this year.
    @cip-cirip thank you a lot! you too! 🙂
    @corina e pur si simplu: woow! e o scoala atipic de buna pt Romania :P.

  1. Sâmbătă, iulie 26, 2008 la 00:49

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