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works both sides

Duminică, iunie 22, 2008 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

sometimes after a couple of months or years, you go back & remember things how they were, how you acted and reacted, how others felt and looked like.

it’s the moment when you discover that something changed. if you thought back then that you were right in an aspect, now you may regard yourself as having been a fool and a naive. feeling like that is good. it’s the definition of progress. having regrets is a dangerous state … you may pass from feeling like a fool or a naive to acting as one.

this works both on the professional and personal side of you. (of course for the ones whom may think that the two of them are sooo different…)

  1. Dragos
    Luni, iunie 23, 2008 la 02:09

    In other words, I have no idea what you are saying here, but you’re cute 🙂

  2. Luni, iunie 23, 2008 la 12:43

    well…then i can happily say: Mission accomplished!! 😀

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