gorilla vs halo 3

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If i was to judge the Film category at Cannes Lion … I would have awarded no one with a Grand Prix. Instead they congratulated 2 brands: Cadbury & Halo 3 (Microsoft).

1. Cadbury commercial reflects more the strategy and it lacks a consistent creative teritory. To better understand what I mean to say: it’s the strategy & then the executional idea. So the strategy is break through the category’s clutter, through the chocolate category cliches & get remarked on the market (speak out loud & stand out!). This is what they did. The creative idea would be : the joy you feel when eating a chocolate bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk. From my point of view this is the creative idea, and it’s not impresive nor unused in its category. Ok, the execution part worths a tremendous wave of applauses…still this is not the Cannes’ aim. Now compare it with the creative idea behind Evolution from Dove…

2. Halo 3… well, on this one I can’t decide. I mean the Halo’s campaign was indeed incredible and amazing, but you can’t conceive it only as a TV copy…it wouldn’t have the same effect, it wouldn’t have the same impact (when compared with Cadbury’s TVC). It’s quite impresing because it managed to raise interest and stimulate sales, it created an entire hysteria both for the conaisseurs and (most important) among ‘the igorants’ (persons unfamiliar with the game). I highly appreciated the award for Integrated campaign cause it deserved, but a GP at the film category…?! well, it’s a bit too much, don’t you think?

now, creatively speaking my favs (not for GP) are these two:

Smirnoff Red-Sea

… and Nomis-Damn boots

  1. Dragos
    Luni, iunie 23, 2008 la 02:39

    Ok, but what is your frustration here? Please tell it so we can comment on it, please 🙂


    So I enjoyed:
    http://www.canneslions.com/winners/film/win_2_1.htm and of course http://www.canneslions.com/winners/film/win_2_1_01445.htm and the results of this one http://www.canneslions.com/winners/film/win_2_2.htm were actually…the commercial! CP+B does it again for Burger King. And think of it the other way, CP+B won the Microsoft account to turn this freak of software companies into a nancy/dandy/great/positive company full of love for its customers!?!

    And when you bring Scorsese into your tv commercial, you’d expect at least a Grand Prix but nooo, this one
    http://www.canneslions.com/winners/film/win_2_2_02721.htm is not Grand Prix material either!

    I wouldnt have chosen this one not even for a shortlist: http://www.canneslions.com/winners/film/win_2_3_02919.htm, but who am I to decide on any commercial at Cannes hah?!

    Maybe in 10-20 years, I might decide to actually pursue a career in advertising and actually be able to attend Cannes as a juror. Then, who knows…I might chose a Halo ad for a Grand Prix 😉
    But then again, I use Macs and think that Microsoft is $hit, Halo is overrated and chocolate gets you laid!

    Oh and almost forgot, this one http://www.canneslions.com/winners/film/win_4_1_00805.htm I think was worth at least one of those Titanium pussy cats, or .. oh ‘scuse me – lions – for anything you want. For execution (that recent Honda skydive spot was „inspired” by this one baby, for sure!), for fun, for big crowds, for sports, for fun and especially because it was „made from beer” what more can you want in a commercial for Cannes!? Those bastards don’t know creativity even if it kicks them in the balls!
    Halo ads?! HA!

    p.s. Ana, when are you available for some Halo? 🙂

  2. Luni, iunie 23, 2008 la 12:57

    firstly, I must say that this is the longest comment received … so far 😛

    secondly, i truly think that no one of the two commercials deserved a GP at the Film category and this is something no one could change.

    then…in which concerns innovative creativity, i must say that I appreciate the HBO Voyeur campaign, quite impressive.

    P.S. probably never… I don’t usually play comp. games 😛 (sooo girlish…isn’t it? :))))

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