Unriddle the riddle.

Sâmbătă, aprilie 12, 2008 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Me thinks, that me had a freaky idea [so mind me not, this time only :))! ]

What if we’ll start a contest…Unriddle the riddle.

You frequently use emoticons during your daily chat on the YM (everywhere actually). So what if you’d only use emoticons…and create words or, more likely, phrases out of them?! Why saying a hundred words when you can simply add 20 emoticons…giving your chat an even more expressing touch?![of couse you’ll use text also…but more seldomly]. There will be ppl that vote the best emoticon sequences…so that everything to be fair for everyone.

In the end you may have an emoticon vocabulary…Or even create a emoticons-phrase code at the expenditure of a similar numbers of symbols as the ones used for a single emoticon. 😀

E.g. \ 😀 ? -captain Hook, as introduced by Dan Dascalescu 😛

Usefulness: possiblity to get branded, just for fun, time pressure limits our words…why not limit the words (without cutting down the meaning) & not the time.

PS…probably more to add

  1. Miercuri, mai 21, 2008 la 14:33

    If I understood the idea, this is what I’m listening now

    :-* FM

  2. Miercuri, mai 21, 2008 la 16:06

    ohoo, yeah…you got it!!! :)))

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