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Online suppositions…

Duminică, aprilie 6, 2008 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Online is supposed to be the ultimate thing in todays media advertising. If you take a look at Romania’s evolution on this ground you’ll fetch the trend. Actually, ro. advertisers are fighting over 5 millions of ro. users…I guess that’s the reason why not so many companies trust the online’s efficiency.

now, it may sound silly, but when you’re fighting for 5 million people how much do you expect to win?

really, my point is that online advertising should start with the content and end with the form. actually, i can’t name it advertising, cause adverstising is the form. promote the content in offline, so that’s appealing & entertaining-and after a period you may release the form.

if your brand is online and is not interactive, then destroy it and create an interactive one; unless, of course, you want it to die or to be killed. i’m an offline addicted, but if i see a brand that has a corporate website [stiffed with information] and a couple of banners, i wonder why the f**k did it do that? it would have been more effcient with a couple of DMs, and a 3 months of open spreads in the top 3 magazines. if you can’t create interactivity, then don’t go online…after a while you’ll feel embarassed.

interactive means involvment, engagement…sometimes even control. in online you’ll find that truth has a constellation of posibilities, that strives to become a single one.

so i wonder in how many ro. cases have i seen such a thing…?

another point is that almost nobody thinks about offline when planning the online strat map…viceversa is available too. i wonder again…how could you separte things like that? more often a brand works with several agencies (communication companies) on different areas : PR, ER, branding, ATL, BTL, digital, media buying /strategy/planning etc, each having its own vision, its own expertise, its own focus of approach. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but when you don’t have a person to link them all and make a complete circle, it’s most probably to end up in making rays of communication. in Romania, is likely to be considered respectful for having all this agencies to work for you.

ps: I’ve seen that Ramona wrote smth somehow resembling

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