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Don’t duck, just give Dan a buck!

What’s the easiest way to find out if an online campaign is/was successful? Ask someone from offline. [just joking :)] has its story. A successful one? I’d say, yes. Not always the winner is the first in a race. Bullshit you’d say, bullshit i agree too. And then again should Dan Berte raise a 1 million$ to say that was a brilliant idea?

if you’ve already entered the page and didn’t find it interesting, or even annoying for asking you a buck without promising to change the world, think again! probably you’ll still find the world tomorrow as you left it today, but giving a buck will prove that online is all about sharing.

On the link you’ll find lots of info, searching on you’ll find lots of opinions.

I’ll give him a buck by April’s end [just for fun]. Also, if i was Orange I’d buy him 🙂

[No, i’m not a seeder. You may ask him and see that he doesn’t really know who i am :p]

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  1. Luni, aprilie 7, 2008 la 15:01

    I thought he closed that website. He said that it was not succesfull and the he will shut it down…

  2. Luni, aprilie 7, 2008 la 16:05

    well, he restarted the site…:)
    i trully think that what he actually did great was all the buzz around it.
    he knew where to place the message and how. and that’s just brilliant, cause he’s not a fund raiser, he’s a communicator…

    but, hey…this is just my opinion!:)

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