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APG seminar no 6

Duminică, martie 23, 2008 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments


I felt quite bad last Thursday, at the APG seminar…and some how disappointed. There were just 3 people [4 with me] at the Costin’s seminar. I mean, i understand that 3 or 4 of them probably couldn’t come [from a wide variety of reasons] and didn’t have time to announce [it happens, it happened to me too…once] but there were like 16 people missing. Sad… 😦 . I guess responsability is a dying habit/quality nowdays…

Well, on the other hand Costin’s seminar was fast/short enough for all the mobs of information he had in his ppt 🙂 . I’ve learnt some useful tips & tricks (the triangle scheme sounded interesting and appliable 🙂 ). Most important: a planner is a planner, whether he/she does creative or digital planning.

Luckly, I got to see John Griffiths, after the seminar, at Cafepedia…:D
I guess next week will learn some Macarena movements from Razvan Matasel…:). As it is the last seminar I expect more people to show up, hopefully.

  1. Marți, martie 25, 2008 la 17:02

    Ana, thanks for coming! I hope the four of you got something useful after it.

  2. Marți, martie 25, 2008 la 17:34

    I surely did learn smth useful and practical, and not only from your seminar but from all of them.
    I hope we’ll get more like this! 🙂

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