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Moving on…

Some of you may know…some just don’t, but recently [2 weeks ago] i’ve moved to Saatchi&Saatchi [in the CS still]. I’d say more about the agency and the people inside it , but this ain’t a recruitement site :)… Now i’m working on even more challenging accounts 😀

There’ve been stiring weeks [take it as an excuse for not updating my blog :P]…and more to come. I only hope to keep in line with the APG seminars…I’ll feel bad to lose the last 2 of them.

  1. Marți, martie 18, 2008 la 16:48

    felicitari !

  2. Marți, martie 18, 2008 la 18:11

    thx a lot ;)!

  3. Marți, martie 18, 2008 la 23:33

    Felicitari si vezi sa nu le mai pierzi pe viitor… 🙂

  4. Joi, martie 20, 2008 la 00:14

    i’ll do my best…thx!

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