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the hi5 i burried

for several months, i’ve been wondering why the fuck do i hold my hi5 account. at first, it was because i’ve managed to gather ex-collegues from primary school, high-school. it was pretty cool to see what were they doing, how much they’ve changed etc. etc. since, i barely have time for anything, i couldn’t just chat with them or even meet.

but recently i’ve received all sorts of invitations, from people i don’t know. some where boys, looking for their perfect cinderella…and as far as i know i wasn’t the one…so no need to accept them. and surprisingly i’ve also had some receipts from girls… pretty hot, pretty naked, though 🙂

Hi5 started as a popular networking site … at least in romania, and end it up in great success. it’s all about the target. the mass of our young inhabitants prefer hot & beautiful girls, almost naked, and charming & mysterious guys looking for some sorts of ladies with a marvellous hearth … i’m sure of it :P. Unfortunately or fortunately, i wasn’t in the target…now i find more nice Facebook (even though i hesitated at first). At least they try to find more applications to keep people on their page. that’s it!…Facebook is more interactive. then it’s the fact that you can some how keep a professional-friendly relationship with your clients, business partners, and find interesting amounts about their passions, interests (sometimes it can change a crisis situation into a more chilled one :D).

ok…let’s go back to hi5…it’s a great one for it’s target, but not so innovative or interesting as others. it may be a plus or it may be a minus.

so, i felt pity for all my work to keep connected with my friends…but i burried my hi5 account, today, god rest it’s page in peace!

  1. Miercuri, martie 5, 2008 la 10:48

    Funny story about Hi5. I buried my account as a new year resolution, 2 months later I brought it back to life from the depths of Hi5 hell :))

    I now consider it just another way to build your online personal brand and to extend your social network. You can always ignore/cancel/kill people that bother/spam/propose to you there. I say give it another chance! 🙂

  2. Miercuri, martie 5, 2008 la 11:08

    no…i won’t do that! i mean, i enjoy more twitter or facebook….things are a lot cleaner there (if you know what i mean). i know there are different trypes of networks…but still.

  3. Joi, martie 6, 2008 la 01:07

    Tried facebook too. Same stuff. It’s all about „stalking” people and being „stalked”. 🙂

  4. Joi, martie 6, 2008 la 13:37

    Yeah…well, the same is in your real social life (of course depends on your personality).
    What i was trying to say in my post, is that Hi5 is more like a dating site 😛 (with all those beautiful girls, posting more like nudes photos…and stuff, and mysterious guys trying to get an IM from them) … meanwhile facebook controls this area quite great through Zooks. I mean it allows you this kind of behaviour/option, but more decent.

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