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Is it just me?or is it just do it?

Sometimes i tend to over analyse things, but this i found quite obvious (see below).

Yeap, everyone knows the play, at least now. When i saw it, 2 months ago, i could only think about Nike…an its famous campaign „I’m an athlete”. Oftenly, brands are buying advertising spaces in movies, music videos and so on. Now Nike bought the scenario of this video. The plot is simple: a simple watcher aims to perform a street dance in the same way  a professional one does it…She just does it, and in the end she became an athlete.

The video express so much of the Nike’s values: ambition, risk taking, hard work, willingness, performance and perhaps others. And also the fact that the Nike symbol, is in every frame of the video (it was impossible for me to count them down)…sometimes more obscure, sometimes a lot more visible, gives evidence of the fact that some how Nike financed this video.

 I may be wrong…and there’s a big chance of it, but isn’t it a bit curios?

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