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It’s time for a change

Miercuri, noiembrie 14, 2007 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Today i met someone, someone whom i extremly care about. It made think twice about what i’ve done so far, where i wanted to be a couple of years ago…and where i stand now. I hold no much proud feelings about it.

Advertising is beautiful. It’s not a pinky blossomed/blesed land [if anyone ever could have imagine that]. Its beauty is rather subjective. Mostly it’s a drog … you get depended of some sorts of feelings. And this whole bla, bla, bla thing can go further.

That fact is that i invested so much time in advertising, and i forgot precious things i should have overseen about it. Such like people around me whom aren’t so independent, or so capable of leading a normal life…briefly people in help, in need. Cause actually that’s what a human is, a being who helps other beigns.

I’ll need to reconsider my daily activities from now on.  And fourtunately i’ll have this post to sustain me every time i slip from my purpose.                                                                                                 

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