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A current issue or updating an old strategy

Marți, noiembrie 6, 2007 Lasă un comentariu Go to comments

Western Europe is facing an invasion, i’d say: just like in the old days. Only this time is not about military forces and weapon-to-weapon war, rather it’s a more rational one, with great social and psyhological implications in our day-to-day life. Western vs Eastern…

Countries like UK, France, Italy and Spain, are the core-target for immigrants, for them these places, like no other, represent the western world, the civilized land full of richness. Which is why today so many of the romanian people have left to fulfill their long craved dream, even though they were treated like servants, but of course the money were supposed to sweep all the mockeries.  Absolutely, there aren’t only romanians, also the rest of the emerging eastern european countries are subject to such treatment and of course the non-european whom aspire to similar dreams…such as Turkey.

i know little about history but after centuries of exhausting fights against the uncivilized countries these brilliant democracies learnt their lesson, now the fight is subtle and sometimes hidden…there’s a saying old…you shouldn’t be afraid of one’s actions but of one’s thoughts. let’s not dramatised it. the italian issue is just a cover for all the restrictions which will come for the „uncivilized europeans”. reasons to this critical resolution? search it in the last electoral campaign(France), in the economy of these countries, in the ….etc. you’ll need no political skills, but logic and patience.

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