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Google…my love!

At first i rejected the idea of having a gmail account, then i left…cause i got pretty much bored by google; afterwards i passed to slowly personalize my google start page,


then i started inviting my friends to…and in the end i deeply felt in love with it. lately, i’ve got some thoughts hunting me, those of changing my blog to blogspot, deleting my yahoo account in exchange of gmail, and more to come…

  1. Marți, august 28, 2007 la 17:35

    Ai planuri mari nu gluma 🙂

  2. Marți, august 28, 2007 la 18:03

    Daaa 😀
    Bine, acum recunosc…intotdeauna simt nevoia de schimbare si in general ma ghidez dupa principiul/zicala: „change is the only constant” 🙂

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