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Some of you were probably asking themselves…why Exquisite?! Some just didn’t notice…”ohh, another fancy, gloomy name!”. Not at all. Actually, I’ve got a deep connection with „exquisite”.

Couple of years ago I’ve read  a vivid book, which portrayed pretty well some of my states; then i’ve gone ahead with one whose title was of no importance and passed to articles, abstracts…recently i’ve found myself caught/dragged in some „de profondis” inquiry. Of course the author is one and the same. As you may have guessed…Oscar Wilde.

„Exquisite” was the word who really caught my eyes in his books. I’ve soon realized that  it was more a state, a feeling, than just a simple sound to express something else than itself. So, along with Oscar Wilde or graceful to him i’ve discovered „exquisite” and brought it online…

well, that’s it…

  1. Luni, august 13, 2007 la 21:08

    Aha, deci asa se explica titlul blogului. La mine e mai simplu, e numele de familie 🙂

  2. Marți, august 14, 2007 la 10:32

    Dap…cam asa stau lucrurile in linii mari.

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